Buzz Buzz

We're going to play a game called "Can I upload pictures/write all of this/post it in the next ten minutes, or will it simply have to wait until 9:00ish tonight?"

I love a good challenge.

Senior year has officially started and I am officially a busy little bee (not Simply Bee, though. See what I did there?) My first day of school flowers remind me that it's no longer the first day of school. Or even the first week, for that matter. I suppose it's about time to embrace the fact that we'll be full speed ahead for the next fourteen-ish weeks.

(Kacey---you're hanging up on my wall!)

I'm working at two different elementary schools this semester. This afternoon, I'll find out my Kindergarten placement for Education 121, and hopefully I'll know my 4th/5th grade placement for Education 100 by Monday. I love kids, and I love education, and I couldn't be more thrilled to take both of these electives during my senior year :)

I'm also working multiple shifts at the Coffeehouse this week.

As well as being an RA... And OVERLOADING on classes this semester (absurd, I know)... And applying for an internship to hopefully start next month...

It's not ALL work, though. My guitar skills are improving... and I'm even learning a thing or two on the ukulele :)

Tonight, I'm going to a Summit small group for the first time. I've been attending the Summit Church regularly since the second semester of my freshman year at Duke (and love it!), but I haven't been a part of a small group. I'm shy, I don't really know anyone, the thought of doing it on my own terrifies me, etc... but God has really laid the idea of Christian community on my heart and I know that I don't have a valid excuse to NOT belong to one. After talking with a friend that God basically dropped in my lap, we both decided to join one together.

The series started a few weeks ago, but tonight's topic? The topic that just so happens to be OUR first small group, although not anyone else's? Christian community. How about them apples?

As far as other exciting news goes... I'm going to FLORIDA for fall break :) My cousin, his wife, and their two adorable daughters live there, & we've been trying to work out a trip for me to visit since this summer. My flight is booked (it will be my first time on a plane BY MYSELF ever... I realize that's incredibly unheard of for a Duke student, but it's true) and I'm thrilled that it all finally came together. (Thanks, Mom & Dad!)

(photo from my last Adams' Family Florida visit... June 2009)

As you can see, I'm counting down the days until Florida/fall break... AND graduation. (I'm not rushing it, by any means; that calendar has been on my desktop since my freshman year!)

Speaking of graduation, I just submitted my "Intention to Graduate" form, checking to make sure my name will be spelled correctly on my diploma and whatnot. What is this?! It's September, people! My friend Megan asked, "If I decline my intention to graduate, does that mean I don't ever have to grow up??" Definitely something to consider...

Whew, finished with a minute to spare... and now I'm off to class/small group. Like I said, busy busy... but definitely in a good way. Happy weekend :)