A super long (but super good) quote I copied into my journal last week:

"And the harder it seems for Him to fulfill His promise, the better He looks when you trust Him."

I just love that. I'm all about making Him look good... because He really is.

• • • • • • • •

Other things I'm loving this week?

I believe the direct quote from that blog post was: "I'm addicted. Entirely addicted. As in, I wanna buy rock climbing shoes and gear and do it on the weekends during the school year. So not lying. I have officially been bitten by the rock climbing bug & it's not going away any time soon."

Well, tonight, I'm going to Wilson Gym with a group of people to take a belay class/test (although I'm already pro at the figure eight retrace & back-up knot), and then I'll be certified to climb my little heart out whenever I want. Oh, happy day.

Speaking of happy days... I decided two full weeks of classes were more than enough for me to handle, so I'm only going half of this week.

But seriously.

My church back home has a women's retreat every year & I'm leaving first thing on Thursday to spend the weekend with them. I promise to take more pictures than last year! And who knows... maybe I'll end up with a lot more awesome quotes to pass along as well :)