Delightful Diversions

Because sometimes... we all need fifteen minutes of procrastination.

My most recent time-guzzling obsession? A website entitled "The Color Of."

I love this! Type a word in the search bar -- absolutely anything -- and the website will overlay more than 50 random Flickr photos that are tagged with whatever you enter. The results are gorgeous!

You can find "the color of" actual colors:

or elements of nature:

or relative concepts:

or contrasting ideas:

Anything, really:

I am fascinated by:
  1. How aesthetically appealing / canvas-like each of these images are. As in, I want to cover my room in them. Gorgeous. Apparently, you'll be able to order prints from the website soon.
  2. How humans (or maybe it's just me) relate colors with words, ideas, people, etc.. and how some colors just seem to fit & are universal, while others are associated so differently.

So now that you're equally as enthralled as I am by "The Color Of" (you're welcome), head on over to their site & try it out for yourself! Leave a comment below with some of the words you searched -- what were your favorites?

And simply because I promised a birthday shout-out: