Inexpressible Joy

Disclaimer: sometimes, I get so excited about things that I want to write out entire sentences in all caps. Perhaps even entire paragraphs. You're welcome for exhibiting such self-control :)

Why on earth am I so excited, you ask?

"So truly be glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a little while...
Though you do not see him now, you trust him; and you rejoice with a glorious, inexpressible joy."
- 1 Peter 1:6, 8

Ahh, the good ol' glorious inexpressible joy. That's always been one of my favorite verses---and I am living it out this week, for sure! I've had (and am currently still having) some trials of my own, but I can honestly say that I haven't been this happy... this joyous... in a long time.

I'm talking the kind of joy that wakes up way before it has to and actually brushes its hair before going out the door!

Now you know it's serious.

I'm finding joy in everything this week: joy in spontaneous Starbucks dates with dear friends, joy in internship interviews, joy in dominating week one of fantasy football, and joy in completing multiple papers (still looking for the joy in writing them, but hey... it's a start).

Joy in the dangling white Christmas lights strung across my entire room, joy in spending way too much time with friends watching tv/movie clips on YouTube, and joy in songs actually sounding like songs on the guitar, as opposed to "strum-strum-strum... insanely-long-pause-while-changing-chords... strum-strum-strum."

My friends, there is tons of joy to be found in baking/decorating cookies with all the girls in your dorm:

(as well as the joy of ovens that operate in degrees Fahrenheit, not Celsius. It was a Southgate problem for years)

This week, I've found joy in snail mail in my post office box (thanks, Cody!), as well as joy in Chooseday Tuesday texts. I've found joy in tackling insane amounts of laundry, and needless to say... I've found joy in my newest toy:

an iPad 2!

The Documentary Writing class that I'm taking this semester was selected as a pilot program to test out how iPads can enhance the learning/classroom experience---how cool is that?! We just got them yesterday, and I'm already head-over-heels in love, which will be a serious problem when I have to give it back in December. In the meantime, we were told to use it for everything---not just items pertaining to the class---so my iTunes has already been synced and apps are being downloaded left and right :) So. Much. Joy.

Ben Rector's CD that released this week = lots and lots of joy

And now... I'm off to the BEACH! (I made it to the very end of the post before the all caps slipped out---give me a break!) I'm heading home in approximately thirty seconds for the first time in over a month, and then the women of my church are having a retreat in South Carolina as part of the Women of Faith Conference Series entitled "Amazing Freedom." There is lots of joy to be found at the beach.

There may even be some joy in all the books I'm bringing along with me for class.

I'll be back Monday with some pretty epic updates (and not just from the beach retreat---I've got some other excitement happening this weekend as well!) Hope you have a weekend full of glorious, inexpressible joy :)

Disclaimer #2: I typically proofread before I post--but I am seriously headed out the door for Winston. Forgive me :)