Funday Monday

Blog title credit goes to my best friend Damon who sent me a text this morning wishing me a great "funday monday." I'm not exactly sure what a "Funday Monday" encompasses, but I do know that it's clearly the not-as-cool sibling of Chooseday Tuesday. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine.

Remember in my last post when I had insane amounts of hair?

Also remember when I said, "I've got some other excitement happening this weekend as well..."?

Yeah. Well, that excitement entailed going from this:

to this:

True story -- I cut my hair. Well, I didn't actually cut it, although I've been super tempted to do so over the past few weeks (hence why my precious mama intervened and made an appointment at Cheveux). I wasn't expecting it to happen so soon; appointments are normally booked out weeks at a time... plus I don't go home too terribly often, so I really didn't think anything would work out until Thanksgiving break.

Surprise. They had an opening on Thursday morning.

It was long enough to donate (obviously), which was cool -- it's the third time I've been able to donate my hair (I did it twice in high school). Fortunately, I've done it enough that I don't have any emotional attachment to all twelve inches that get chopped off. I'll miss it, for sure -- I'd grown quite fond of my long hair. But I'm not a fan of the time and effort it takes to brush it, let alone dry it or straighten it. So short hair it is. For now, at least :)

ALSO in the world of exciting news from this past weekend...
Guess who got an internship?

Oh, heyy... that'd be me!

I submitted my application to DiDA two weeks ago, had my interview with them last week, and they contacted me over the weekend to offer me the position! I'm super excited to start interning as a graphic designer with DiDA, creating everything from flyers and posters to logos, banners, & t-shirt designs for student groups all over campus. Right up my alley :)

And my last two bits of excitement for this Monday afternoon?

I got mail -- precious snail mail from precious people whom I love so very much! I don't think I've ever had four letters waiting in my PO box at the same time (one from Loganne & one from Sarah), so it was definitely worth documenting :)

AND... Hipp called to say that he's home! (Sorry, ladies. I blurred out his number...) If you've been following Simply B for a while, you may remember that Hipp is one of Zach's closest friends in the Marine Corps who deployed to Afghanistan back in March. [And if you haven't been following for a while, you can read about him & his deployment here. Or here.] As of this morning, he is safely on US soil in good ol' Jacksonville, NC :)

(Zach will be following Hipp back to Jacksonville in a few months, as he's well over halfway done with his deployment. See what happens when I don't update for a while?! Time passes much more quickly!)

Well, dear blog readers, I've got a psychology exam in less than 24 hours & still have some studying to do, so I'm gonna wrap this up. I'll have the weekend beach retreat recap tomorrow -- get excited! Happy Monday, err... Funday Monday :)