Adventures from 36A

It's fall break, folks (thank goodness!)

Which means... as soon as I got out of my last class on Friday, I headed to the Raleigh-Durham International Airport for my first ever solo flight experience :)

Don't get me wrong--I've flown before. I've flown with my family multiple times. I've flown with my entire 9th grade class to Florida & my entire 12th grade class to Costa Rica. But never have I ever flown by myself.

Until today. #growingup

I realize that printing my boarding pass, going through security, making sure that I don't end up on a flight to LaGuardia by mistake, and setting the world record for fastest time from gate A33 to A2 during my 30 second layover in the Atlanta International Airport may not be the most grown up thing I ever do. But for now, it sure does feel like it. And I'm pretty darn proud :)

I wasn't only proud; I was beyond giddy the entire time we were in the air! Everyone on the plane had headphones in and passed out before we even made it to the runway like it was no big deal. Are you kidding me? I've flown a dozen or more times, and I was still super tempted to wake everyone up with "Oh my goodness, we're SITTING in a CHAIR in the SKY!" (Louis C.K. YouTube reference)

Don't worry; I refrained. I really hope I never become apathetic to flying, though.

My flight from Atlanta to Tampa was my only flight of the four (2 up, 2 back) with the window seat, so sister here took full advantage of the gorgeous, clear, blue sky.

Then I thought, "This whole 'being able to see the towns below even at cruising altitude' thing is really neat, but it's always so pretty to fly when there are fluffy white clouds in the sky..."

Three seconds later (seriously), the fluffy white clouds appeared.

(as did the moon... check out the upper-right corner!)

Then, just as I had exhausted all possible fluffy white cloud picture options and resorted to a photo shoot of my ridiculously tiny bag of five complimentary peanuts with a sip of cranapple juice...

...the clouds subtly faded from white to light gray...

...and a rainbow appeared in the middle of the sky.

I'm not kidding---a rainbow came out of absolutely nowhere and lasted for no more than a minute. And as quickly as it appeared, it vanished with the breaking of the clouds as we began our descent...

...which just so happened to perfectly coincide with the setting of the sun into the Tampa Bay. No big deal.

Is this real life?

Hello, Florida & fall break 2011!