Crafty Fun With Paper

I had a hodgepodge of pictures on my camera that I wanted to upload, and as I was doing so, I realized they're not so unrelated after all. They all have two essential thing in common: paper & creativity :)

• • • • •

Exhibit A:

I went to a wedding this past weekend, and will be attending another one in spirit this weekend. Weddings mean wedding presents (in addition to lots of other things, obviously), and I couldn't be more thrilled with how these wedding invitation ornaments turned out!

I simply cut the wedding invitation into thin little strips & curled each one. Then I took a clear ornament (available at AC Moore, heyy) and put all of the curled up strips inside. I finished them off with a sheer, shiny bow -- and tada!

I told you -- paper & creativity :)

The upcoming wedding that I'll be attending in spirit is my big sister's* wedding in Arkansas.

(Thanksgiving 2008; Zach actually took these pictures)

Sadly, a road trip to Arkansas and back is 32 hours, but the wedding present package seemed to travel through the mail much quicker than that, because it arrived today! And fortunately so, because Rebecca loved it so much that she wants to use the ornament for the cake topper at the reception! Now I really will be there in spirit :)

Crazy to think that after all these years of hearing dad call her "Stover," she's about to become "Roetzel!"

Long story short, these wedding invitation ornaments are the perfect addition to any wedding gift & you should probably make it your life mission to ensure that every newlywed couple you know has one. However, let it be known that if it's a wedding I'm also invited to... I call dibs! :)

• • • • •

Exhibit B:

'Tis the season... for designing Christmas cards! I've been threatened asked to come out with a set of Christmas cards in my Etsy shop for people to buy, so I've been glued to my sketchbook recently playing with a bunch of ideas. They're still in the rough stages, but they should be ready & online in the next couple of weeks, once they pass judgment by my relentless adoring fans :)

• • • • •

Exhibit C:

What better creative thing to do with paper than make a super awesome card/letter & mail it?

Clearly a ton of my friends have gotten the memo :)

And what better creative thing for me to then do with said papers than to tape them all up on my Snail Mail Wall?

At this rate, the Snail Mail Wall will be filled by the end of this semester! I'm not really sure where it will expand to, because...

• • • • •

Exhibit D: season has officially BEGUN & the entire border of my room is prepared to be covered in newspaper clippings :)

(I'm obviously taking full advantage of my final year in a dorm room, where it's still perfectly acceptable to tape everything to the walls...)

Countdown to Craziness with the Blue/White game was a couple of weekends ago, and the first exhibition game was this past weekend. One more exhibition game this coming week... and then the road to the national championship begins. Oh, boy... :)

Tada! I hope you've been inspired to have a little fun with paper today :)

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