It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

"No, no, no, I mean 'Jingle Bells.' You know, deck them halls and all that stuff..."
- Lucy Van Pelt in A Charlie Brown Christmas

• • • • •

It's finally December, which means all sorts of things. It means that some of the most exciting moments of my life may happen within the next 30 days. It means some of the more stressful moments of my life will inevitably happen within the next 16 days (exams & final papers, womp). But for now, it just means that I'm finally allowed to bust out the Christmas decorations. I'm more than content to keep the 25 days of Christmas within the 25 days of Christmas, so as of yesterday (December 1st), I set out to bring a little Christmas cheer to my dorm room: college-girl-budget style.

I bought a pack of silver ornaments for $1.00, some green & red curling ribbon for $1.00, used a vase that I already owned, and made this festive little display. I splurged on the red & white tinsel ($3.00!) and for right now, he's just covering the entire shelf and looking real awkward until I think of something creative to do with him.

Then there's the twinkly white lights that go all the way around my room. Let's be honest: they've actually been up there since August. However, due to the sheer fact that it is now December, they have magically transformed from "twinkly white lights" to "festive Christmas lights."

My mom typically gives me and each of my sisters a present over Thanksgiving. Last year, I received the Charlie Brown Nativity Set.

This year, I received the Charlie Brown Advent Calendar. (Seeing a pattern?)

Isn't my mom the greatest?

There's a flap for the each one of the 25 days of Christmas with a fun little Christmas-related activity underneath.

December 1:

Don't freak out - I didn't fold a sheet of paper a hundred times, cut a few corners, and end up with this! I used the die cutter in the RA resource room. (I'm also in the process of decorating our entire hall: we currently have a decorated Christmas tree & brick fireplace made entirely out of paper, an abundance of paper chains, and are in the process of having 27 stockings & a wreath -- pictures to come later)

I guess I should also hang these pretty little things in the window, eh? We'll have pictures of that to come later as well.

December 2:

Is there seriously any question as to what I've been watching?