Birthday Princess

Today is my best friend's birthday!

I could go on and on about how we became friends on the awkward first day of 9th grade & have been inseparable ever since, or about all of the incredibly ridiculous things we've done together over the past 7+ years, but I've done that before. More than once. Instead, I'll just let you know that I feel sorry for you. I'm sure your best friend is awesome & all, but mine's actually the best in the world. Hands down. Period. Just stating facts here. She's the quintessential definition of what a true friend should be and I love her forever...

Even if she did use to eat straight lemonade powder out of a bowl :)

I know what you're thinking: birthdays = cards, right?


Before we proceed, let it be known that the best friend has a stronger-than-normal love for pandas.
Best friend also spends longer-than-normal amounts of time studying/doing homework in a coffeeshop.

Tada, it's the 22nd birthday panda card!


Given Kacey's love for pandas & coffeeshops, imagine how ecstatic I was to discover this coffee cozy (you know, the sleeve you put around a cup with hot liquid) on Etsy:

I cannot even begin to imagine how it's possible to crochet something like that. But I adore it!

After Coffee Cozy Panda spent some time being tested on my bottle of green tea & bonding with Birthday Card Panda, he got wrapped up & enjoyed a 20 minute trip to Chapel Hill last night. (Seriously, my best friend & I attend major universities just down the road from each other -- how blessed am I?)

Did I mention that best friend is a twin? Two birthdays in one night! Happy birthday, Tucker :)

Did I also mention how difficult it has been being friends with two ridiculously good looking models for the past seven years?

awkward hands-in-pockets twin pic - love them :)

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