A Rivers Runs Through It

[Today's blog post title is inspired by one of my favorite article headlines I've seen thus far... shout out to my Camp Bethel loves who understand the dual-meaning!)

Ahem, we interrupt this post already in progress to bring you a little slice of amazingness from my side of the world:

If you haven't already watched the clip 9104 times, go ahead. I'll wait.

Let's be honest... you knew this was coming.

But what you don't know is how loud the screams were that pierced the dorm hallways after the final shot, confirming the fact that the events I had just witnessed on television were actually happening. You don't know that I was still screaming ten minutes later when my dad called to make sure that I was enjoying it all (don't need to tell me twice!). You don't know how I proceeded to throw on sweatpants, jump in my car, and drive to West - blaring my horn in victory until I remembered that I do live in downtown Durham and that might not be the best idea. And you most definitely don't know that in that moment, a billion other car horns joined me in the celebration :)

Casey & me

While I am definitely ready to graduate and move on to life after Duke, I'm glad that I still have these few months to savor moments just like tonight -- nights where I stand outside for hours with thousands of my classmates until my fingers turn purple, busting out in spontaneous Cameron Crazie chants at any given moment. Nights where I receive over a hundred overly-enthusiastic high fives from complete strangers and somehow end up losing my voice in the madness. Nights where people I've never met offer to take pictures for me, simply because they recognize that nights like tonight are full of memories that need to be documented and preserved forever. Nights like these are bittersweet, because all of a sudden... we're seniors, and we're no longer guaranteed another chance at nights like these.

my dear friend, Kishan

We came out in full force after the game - across West Campus and Krzyzewskiville to the back of Cameron Indoor - waiting for the bus carrying the basketball team and Coach K to return from Chapel Hill.

We lined the streets...

Aw, who am I kidding? We swarmed into the streets so the bus had to park at the entrance.

And we screamed and chanted and screamed and chanted some more until the last player got off the bus, [miraculously] made their way through the sea of Duke blue, and disappeared into Cameron.

As far as the hundred or so who chose to stick around beyond that, we eventually got fist bumps and a dozen low-quality cell phone pictures of Austin Rivers himself :)

We also got to witness the Plumlee brothers hopping into their minivan, rolling down the windows, and high-fiving fans as they made their way out onto Towerview. Trust me, the minivan just gained 300 cool points.

As the crowds surrounding K•ville began to die down and I began my insanely long & freezing walk back to the Bryan Center, I couldn't help but stop for a moment just to soak in how cool it is to be a Blue Devil. We've won the ACC Conference Tournament all three years that I've been here. We've won at least 30 games/season all three years as well (the only three consecutive years of having 30+ wins in all of Coach K's career). I was here when Coach K got his 903rd win, making him the winningest coach of all time. I've witnessed two home victory bonfires and a National Championship bonfire. I mean... we won a National Championship during my time at Duke! I've seen Greg Paulus, Gerald Henderson, Jon Scheyer, Brian Zoubek, Lance Thomas, Kyle Singler, Nolan Smith, the Plumlees, and Andre Dawkins all play in Cameron. And sometimes... it's like we Duke students don't realize the greatness we're a part of every day.

But tonight? Tonight we most definitely realized it. Because years and years from now, people are going to be talking about this game. People are still going to be replaying that shot. And people are going to wonder what it it was like to be a student at Duke during the midst of it all. The crazy thing is... I'll know. I'll know exactly what it feels like. And while that feeling can't be conveyed via a simple blog post, rest assured that it's wonderful enough to almost make one never want to graduate :)

"It's always a great day to be a Blue Devil. But today is extra special"
- Coach K

PS: Thanks so much for all of your comments on my last post! I really appreciated all of the encouragement, as well as the tips to continue on with the job search. Y'all are the greatest!