Loving and Not-So-Loving

1. Driving 286 miles round trip to sit outdoors in the Virginia mountains singing Kum Ba Yah with camp friends and Mutual Kumquat. I realize that sentence reveals just how much of a Brethren hippie I am, but we're gonna go with it.

Bottom two images taken by Hannah Guisewite, since I naturally didn't pull out my camera until the final song...

2. Mulled cider candles. So nom. So nom, in fact, that I had to go out and purchase apple cider to prevent myself from attempting to drink candle wax.

3. A community that comes out in record-breaking numbers to embrace differences, promote acceptance, and provide hope for a better tomorrow.


4. Football, friends, and fianc├ęs... particularly all combined. Particularly when the football game ends with a win and puts your team just one more win away from bowl eligibility for the first time since you were five years old. Crazy.

5. The fact that it's my birthday week...which means this weekend is birthday weekend! So stoked :)

6. This quote:

7. The fact that Zach Jones has officially applied to college! We're still waiting on high school transcripts and a placement test, and BOOM. He gets to sign up for classes next month. This is such a big step & I'm SO proud of him!

8. This sweatshirt, period.


1. The stack of Kleenexes that is rapidly accumulating on my nightstand. Yep, sister here is sick. However, I think I've successfully made it through the "I feel like I'm going to die" phase and have settled into the "I want to sleep for the next 100 years" phase. Progress.

2. Goodbyes... although the number of long-distance related ones is getting super close to the single digits! Eek!

• • • • •

Tell me, friend: what are you currently loving and not-so-loving?