Project Life 2013 // Intro

Last week, I mentioned that one of my goals for 2013 was to create a Project Life album. I'll be honest: I don't know much about Project Life apart from some photos I've seen, but that's kind of how I work. Who needs instructions? Not this girl.

Please note that "this girl" is the same girl who has at least five nails in the wall behind every frame hanging in her apartment, because she's not about to waste time with a level and tape measure. I'm a huge fan of the trial and error process.

Needless to say, I am not claiming to be any type of authority on Project Life. I stay away from all the official "core kit, journaling/calendar cards" vocab, and sometimes, my weekly spreads will be only one page instead of two (gasp!). Nonetheless, I like the simple, organized structure of Project Life, and I like that I get to be creative and use my design skills. And obviously, I like the fact that this little book will document our first year of marriage.

Like I mentioned, if this is something you're considering taking up, there are all sorts of kits available with pre-cut design cards. However, I opted to not use a kit and just start out with a $3.99 scrapbook from AC Moore. I already had a paper trimmer and a corner punch, as well as a Lexmark S415 printer, so I only purchased some packs of photo pocket pages (currently working with Design A).

While each two-page spread will document a week (or two) of our lives, I created a 2013 introduction on the first page:

I designed all of the yellow patterned backgrounds on each of the "2013" cards, printed them on cardstock, and trimmed them down to 3"x4". (Fun fact: they were originally the same aqua-teal color that I adore and use throughout this blog... and then they were half a dozen other colors before I finally settled on the golden yellow. Not quite ready to let the whole grey & yellow thing go, yet.)

The card in the upper right corner is actually a piece of fabric that we used in some of our wedding decor. (Double fun fact: Zach trimmed the fabric down to size and secured it to the card. Then, after assembling my sewing machine, he added in a little border with decorative stitching. It's white, so you can barely see it, but seriously... I married a saint.)

In the upper left corner, I used a 4"x6" card with one of the same background patterns I designed, added one of my current favorite photos, and placed the text in Adobe Photoshop.

In the bottom right corner, I used another patterned 4"x6" card and added some text about where we are in life right now, as well as the little grey birds I used on our wedding stationery and programs.

Lastly, in the bottom left corner, I used the back of one of the wedding thank you notes I designed (which is the same design used on the back of our invitations, RSVP cards, etc.). It was already the perfect size; I just had to cut the flap and round the corners :)

And that, my friends, is a crash course in Project Life by a girl who actually knows very little about Project Life ;)
I'm excited to get into a routine of sharing the weekly spreads on here, so be on the lookout!