Friday Phone Dump

[insert standard "how in the world is it already February?!" remark here]

But seriously, how is it already February?

January 2013 will forever be remembered as the month where:
  • We went on our honeymoon and Zach moved into the apartment.
  • Zach's four years of active duty with the Marine Corps came to an end.
  • Zach started college... and I started proofing college papers.
  • The second issue of the Spectrum magazine that I designed went to print.
  • Zach decided to grow out his beard as a way to celebrate the end of his active duty career... and changed his mind less than three weeks later. Not gonna lie: I kinda miss the scruff.
  • I cut hair for the first time. (Well, hair that didn't belong to a Barbie.)
  • We watched way too many episodes of Psych, NCIS, and Army Wives. I initially wrote out how many episodes of each, but it's embarrassing.
  • We had three weeks in a row with shortened work/school weeks due to inclement weather (and by inclement weather, I mean there were clouds in the sky.
  • And... we celebrated our one month anniversary at the Cheesecake Factory :)

January 2013 will also be remembered as the first month in the 55 months that Zach and I have been together where we saw each other every. single. day. Talk about insane.

And February? February comes with the excitement of a Wakey!Wakey! concert (y'all, this is tonight. T minus 8 hours until I will be fangirling, no doubt), my first ever business trip, and a Haynes girl reunion sleepover at my apartment :)

Happy weekend!