Currently // May

ATTEMPTING to write one snail mail letter every day in May. I just took four letters to the post office, and it's only the 3rd day of the month, so I'm off to a solid start.

BRAGGING on my college Spanish partner who got drafted to the NFL last weekend.

CLEARING out clutter in the name of spring cleaning. In the apartment, in my office, on this blog (hello, redesign in process). Fresh starts are oh-so-good.

DELIGHTING in the feeling of holding a printed publication that I designed.

ENJOYING the little things, like lunch dates and four month anniversaries and getting a really good roll in Pass the Pigs.

FEELING creatively-inspired for the first time in a quite a while. Insanely inspired. Look out, world.

GETTING ready to hit up Starbucks for half off frappucchinos :)

LOOKING forward to dinner in Durham tonight with some of my dearest Duke friends.

LOVING absolutely everything about this website.

PACKING for a weekend roadtrip to Winston-Salem.

PLANNING some upcoming blog posts for this little space and figuring out how it fits into my post-graduate, newlywed life.

PREPARING for a month of celebrating my youngest sister and her high school graduation.

RAVING over the turkey burgers Zach made for dinner last night. And the jambalaya he made the night before that.

REFLECTING on my life a year ago: days away from submitting my final college paper, traveling to the beach with my high school friends, & getting my diploma and a diamond all in the same evening!

SMILING at an email my dad sent me after seeing one of my recent projects:"Has anyone ever told you that you should go into graphic design? :)"

TACKLING new art projects. I can't wait to share more soon!

TAKING more pictures. (Ironically, this post has no photos. Whoops!) I find it easy to only break out my camera for "big events" like birthdays and weddings and trips, but I absolutely love the recent photos I have from our day-to-day lives.

THINKING that we need a mini-vacation. Thoughts on where we should go?

Happy weekend, friend!