Scenes from a Snow Day

We finally got some snow this winter here in central North Carolina! Granted, it isn't anything compared to what some of my friends in other areas of the country are used to, but it's still enough to beautifully cover everything in white, so I'll take it. I mean, if the temperatures are going to keep being freezing (or below freezing... what is this?!), then I'd certainly appreciate some pretty white powder to go along with it. Cold for the sake of cold is not my style.

The snow started falling on Tuesday evening and lasted for the majority of the night. The entire county was basically shutdown yesterday and today (and on Tuesday before the snow ever came, for that matter), so Zach and I were able to spend our snow day together :)

our backyard

My knitted Berlin hat was a gift from Zach a couple of years ago. He got it during a layover in Germany on his way home from his deployment to Afghanistan... and I LOVE it, clearly.

I know I have the reputation of being the creative/artsy one, but Zach actually coordinated & took this picture! My snowprint is on the left; his snowprint is on the right.

I'm not sure if I've ever seen snow on a palm tree before, but there are a couple around the pool area at our apartment complex, so, here you go. It struck me as so bizarre that I just had to take a picture :)

Yay for snow days!

Now, unless we're going to get some crazy awesome blizzard, can we get some warmer temps up in here?