A personal project in which I document something I ate, something I wore, something I made, and something I explored once a week, every week, in 2014.

(ps: I'm only, like, four weeks behind already, but I refuse to give up just yet ;) I have been taking pictures(!), but getting them from my memory card onto my on-the-fritz laptop is another challenge. I hope to play catch-up in the next couple of weeks and get back on track.)

Something I ate: tacos, although mine were more plain than Zach's photogenic creation.
Something I wore: white button-up with little black polka dots from Old Navy.
Something I made: channeling my inner Kal Barteski (one of my favorite artists) with some brush script.
Something I explored: the lake/trail in our "backyard" (Zach thinks it's hilarious that I constantly refer to the area directly behind our apartment building as our "backyard," but that's clearly what it is, right?

2/52 features photos from January 9-January 15. See all posts in the "52 Weeks" series here.