I Heart Your Face, XO

I HEART YOUR FACE, XO • 02.13.14

I recently decided that I love Valentine's Day. It's never really been my thing up until now because it's usually associated with all things mushy and sappy and romantic... and I am the exact opposite of all of those things. I think the smell of flowers is disgusting and the thought of going out to eat at a restaurant surrounded by hundreds of other people literally makes me want to cry. (This is all very fortunate for Zach who honest-to-goodness doesn't know when Valentine's Day is.)

While I'm not much for stereotypical sappy-romance love, I am ALL about the "you're absolutely fabulous and YOU ARE DOING SO GREAT AT LIFE" gal pal love, hence why I really got into making valentines for some of my favorite girl friends this year. I mean, what lady doesn't need some more sassy babe emojis in her life?

Complete with customized hashtags, because #whoruntheworld?

And if I'm gonna go all out with the valentines and heart-shaped confetti, I might as well doll out the envelopes, right?

Like I said, I had way too much fun with these (which were mailed days ago, but are still en route due to this east coast blizzard. Fingers crossed that they all arrive by tomorrow, but I couldn't wait any longer to share!)

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there being super fabulous and doing so great at life! You are loved, friend. Regardless of your stance on Valentine's Day and all things sappy, I heart your face. XO.