A personal project in which I document something I ate, something I wore, something I made, and something I explored once a week, every week, in 2014.

Something I ate: jambalaya. My #1 favorite food group might be Italian, but closely behind at #2 is Creole.
Something I wore: scoop neck chiffon top from... Old Navy! I've never been an Old Navy fan until recently, but goodness, they've been nailing it these past few months.
Something I made: a bookmark. (Ha!) I doubt this is what Zach had in mind when he asked if I had any scraps of paper laying around that he could use to hold his place, but, you know. Go big or go home ;)
Something I explored: our backyard full of snow. (I shared more photos from our snow day here.)

5/52 features photos from January 30-February 5. See all posts in the "52 Weeks" series here.