Weekend Adventures

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Since Zach and I live at least 100 miles from all of the people/places in our lives that we care about most, the majority of our weekends are typically spent on the road. We've tried to stay put a bit more this winter in attempt to catch up on some much-needed rest and establish a sense of community here in the Raleigh area, but after two consecutive adventure-filled weekends, our hearts are reminded why we frequently pack our bags and get away to spend time with those we love, even when it means a less-than-pleasant wake-up call come Monday morning.

Weekend before last, I headed to South Carolina for a few days at the beach with my mom and sisters. The entire trip was rather last-minute; my sister Katherine is a senior in college and was technically on spring break, but since she's student teaching this semester (and the school she's teaching in doesn't have the same spring break as the university), she doesn't actually get a spring break. She had planned a little weekend beach trip with another one of her teacher friends, but when her friend was unable to go at the last minute, she asked my other sister, my mom, and me to tag along. (Because that's every college senior's ideal spring break, right?)

Although it certainly wasn't warm enough to go swimming or lay out, we did enjoy walking along the beach, eating lots of crab legs, shopping at the outlets (my mom and sisters might have enjoyed that more than me), and watching Duke beat UNC via the television in our beach front hotel room (I might have enjoyed that more than anyone else). We came back early enough on Sunday to celebrate mom's birthday lunch at our grandparents' house with our cousins before I returned to Raleigh.

This past weekend, Zach and I drove up to the camp where we met and began dating. The churches in our district have a retreat there every March and we always go up on Saturday night to help behind the scenes. This year, we arrived early enough to squeeze in a "hike" (I'll be honest: it seems like more of a "hike" when there are a dozen little campers stopping every five feet to put on extra bug spray and rehydrate and dig their flashlight out of their backpack even though it's not even dusk yet) up to Vesper Hill, the place where we have worship every Sunday night during summer camp. The view was much less green than it typically is in July, but no less beautiful.

Upon returning to the main part of camp, we not only got to help out behind the scenes, but catch up with so many dear friends that we don't see often enough. These people have always played an instrumental role in my faith by showing me what it's like to truly be a part of Christian community, and especially after the love and support they showed my family during Corrie's hospitalizations, I was so grateful for the chance to spend time with them.

Our most recent weekend adventure brought us back to Raleigh around 3:00 a.m., but it was definitely worth it! Although our next getaway isn't planned for a few more weeks, I'm sure we'll be hitting the road sooner rather than later. Weekend roadtrips have always been a part of our relationship; I'm just glad that after four and a half years of long distance, we finally get to make the drives together :)