Currently // March

ENJOYING the fact that my dearest friend from college (who lives/works in Richmond, VA) has spent the last two weeks working out of an office in Raleigh... which has meant multiple dinner dates and apartment visits!

HOPING to get a few little succulent plants for our apartment. My tiny bamboo plant isn't dead after almost a year (woo!), so it's clearly time to move onto the next stage of being responsible for living things.

LOOKING for some new meal ideas/recipes. Ideas, anyone?

LOVING (and TRYING to not be super jealous about) the fact that Zach gets to go to Colorado this summer! Every four years, the Church of the Brethren has a national youth conference on the campus of Colorado State University. Churches from the Virginia/North Carolina area join together and turn the event into a two-week bus trip with lots of sight-seeing stops along the way, including Chicago, Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, & the St. Louis Arch. I had the opportunity to go on the trip nearly eight years ago as a high school student, so I'm stoked for Zach to have this experience as my church's youth advisor.

RECOVERING from our whirlwind trip to Virginia yesterday. I'm clearly not as young as I used to be when it comes to getting home close to 3:00 a.m. after a seven-hour/400-mile round-trip drive, but it was so worth it.

RESISTING the urge to buy every item of clothing with polka dots on it, but having a reeeaaally hard time.

SOAKING up the extra hour of daylight (and the fact that the Marine Corps is finally back to rolling sleeves after a two-year hiatus. Bless it!).

SULKING over the fact that Thelma's Chicken & Waffles in downtown Roanoke was out of chicken livers yesterday. I know it sounds gross, but oh my goodness, that's one of the greatest meals I've ever had in my life, and I made a pact with Zach last summer that we would eat there anytime we were in Roanoke/driving through Roanoke/remotely close to Roanoke. We had been looking forward to last night's dinner for eight months... and they were out!

TRYING to figure out what kind of cruel joke my weather app is playing on me by telling me it's supposed to be snowing in the morning. What is this?

WATCHING basketball, obviously. Is there anything else on TV this time of year?

Happy March, friend! :)