Stationery Design, Mama Edition

When my sister opened the stationery I made her for Christmas, my mother not-so-subtly announced that her birthday was in March and she was in need of some new stationery. She also brought it up a couple of weeks ago, just in case I had forgotten. I hadn't ;)

For my mom's birthday last week, I created a stationery set featuring four different Wolfpack-red (mom's favorite school/color) designs. The finished cards are 5"x7", so I placed two to a page using InDesign, printed them with a bleed on standard cardstock, and cut them down to size myself. I included 8 of each design, so there are 32 flat note cards (and 32 envelopes) total.

They were a hit (yay!). Mom says she doesn't plan on using store-bought stationery ever again (no pressure, right?), so I assume that means I'll be designing/printing more, since I'm not under the impression that she's only going to write 32 letters for the rest of time. We are related, after all ;)

ps: I've gotten a lot of inquiries about designing stationery recently. Although I am super flattered, I'm not currently taking on any personal freelance work. Rest assured, though, that while a print shop is not an endeavor I'm interested in tackling for the time being, it's definitely something I want to do in the years to come... and you'll be the first to know when that day arrives! :)