Currently // December

ADDRESSING all of our Christmas cards tonight & dropping them in the mail tomorrow :) Print shops typically throw in a handful of extras (you know, just in case), but I ordered 100 Christmas cards and received 186. Um, what? EVERYBODY gets a Christmas card this year!

CELEBRATING Zach's degree in criminal justice (pending his final exam tomorrow, ha)! Zach graduated over the weekend and I'm just so, so proud of him. I'm sure I'll share more photos and thoughts on this in the next couple of weeks, but here's a sneak peek.

DOING a happy dance because we just paid off Zach's car... in two years... on a single-income, art-major salary! My parents worked incredibly hard to ensure that I started my adult life with zero debt, so I was especially motivated to get back to that after I married Zach & his monthly car payments :) I'm sure we'll get to experience the joys of a mortgage in the next year or so, but this not-owing-anybody-anything phase of grown-up life is pretty nice.

FEELING ridiculously sappy this time of year. Although this is our second Christmas as a married couple, it feels like our first... and it's beyond magical. Last year, we were 100+ miles away from all of our friends and family; we didn't even get a Christmas tree since we knew we'd be spending our December (a) traveling, or (b) being alone in our little apartment. (So sad!) This year, however, we're getting to spend much more time surrounded by loved ones and familiar traditions. My 100% real live & taller-than-twelve-inches Christmas tree is fully decorated, and my heart is full.

FEELING (again – so many feels) very fortunate to work at a company where I not only love the work that I do and the people that I work with, but feel extremely appreciated as an employee. Christmas bonuses and catered Christmas parties at four diamond hotels aside, I'm a billion times happier since changing jobs this past spring... definitely the biggest blessing of 2014.

MAKING lots of Christmas gifts, as per usual. There's just a little over a week to go until Christmas, yet my "to-make" list is growing by the day. What can I say – my creative mind is most inspired when I've got a thousand projects to be completed under a very tight deadline (aka: how I passed college).

REMINISCING on Decembers past. Three years ago, I was finishing up exams as Zach was coming home from Afghanistan; two years ago, I was getting ready to become a bride; last year, everything was falling apart; and this year, it's finally falling back together :) It's always so crazy to see how much changes from year to year.

THINKING very seriously about starting a family. And by starting a family, I obviously mean adopting a cat. Or three. (Ha!) Adding some feline friends to our lives sounds like an excellent New Year's resolution for 2015! Meow ;)