Currently // January

DRINKING coffee in bed every morning. If you're going to get married, I highly recommend marrying someone who a) loves making coffee and b) wakes up a lot earlier than you do. Marrying someone who packs your lunch every day and starts your car in the morning to get it warm before you leave for work doesn't hurt ;)

ENJOYING lazy weekends. Living in Winston-Salem for these past six months has meant significantly less weekend time spent traveling across the state... and much more weekend time for sleeping in, dreaming up creative projects, and enjoying the art of doing nothing. Well, the art of doing less, at least. It's been much needed and much appreciated!

KEEPING my fingers crossed for some snow this winter. I mean, if it's gonna be cold, it might as well snow. Otherwise, can we fast forward to the 70-degree temps, please?

LAUGHING so hard over this. I'm not sure what the rest of you forward around the office, but this was the winner of the week over here. Speaking of offices...

LOOKING forward to my very first ever fancy office steak dinner tonight. (What??) Cheers to a successful start in 2015 :)

PLANNING to write a brief Corrie update soon, since a lot has happened this fall + winter. While the doctors still think she's on the right path to recovering from multiple abdominal surgeries due to ulcerative colitis, there have been quite a few bumps in the road these past few months.

TRYING to prepare myself for the Parenthood series finale this week. Are there enough Kleenexes in the world, because I will most certainly be crying all the tears.

VISITING a few local animal shelters in the beginning stages of Operation-Let's-Get-A-Kitty-This-Year. I make no promises that it won't turn into Operation-Let's-Get-Twenty-Kitties-This-Year.

WATCHING my first ever reality TV show... and it's a doozy, y'all :) I saw a preview online for Married at First Sight and decided to watch the first few minutes of episode #1 just to see how ridiculous it was... and then proceeded to watch the entire first season in a weekend. The spin-off series (Married at First Sight: The First Year) aired this month, thank goodness, because I'm way too emotionally invested in these couples to turn back now.


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