Currently // February

EATING an inappropriate amount of cheesecake recently, but that's what the month of February is for, no?

ENJOYING this season of life. I feel like the last few years have been one giant transition after another (graduating college, getting married, starting a new job, moving to a new city, etc.), so this new phase of, well, nothing new is a breath of fresh air. Or perhaps it's only the eye of a hurricane. Either way, I'm enjoying life with nothing on the horizon for the foreseeable future.

FREEZING. That's it. Just freezing.

HAVING serious Sherlock withdrawals. Zach and I decided to give the BBC series a try, and, oh my word, it's insanely smart and well-written. We caught up on the show this winter (there are only nine episodes currently, but each episode is an hour and a half), and I'm not sure how we're supposed to wait an entire year for the fourth series.

HOPING to catch up on some overdue blog posts... you know, eventually. I have lots of photos to share from Zach's college graduation and the Valentine's Day luncheon we helped host (so much fun!), plus some updates on Corrie's recent hospital trips.

LOOKING forward to spending a weekend at the camp where Zach and I met. It's been three years (?!) since I've spent an entire weekend up there, but I'm excited to go back next month.

LOVING the fact that my mom has a smart phone now. Group messages, emojis, animated gifs, and screenshots galore :)

RECOVERING from the Duke/UNC basketball game on Wednesday night (and feeling a little sad that I missed my first victory bonfire since becoming a Blue Devil, but I was definitely there in spirit). Always the most stressful two nights of the year, but oh so good ;)

SCHEMING up 1,001 home decor projects. If only I could make them all happen as easily as I can dream them up :) Here's to hoping!


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