Valentine's Day, XOXO

My mom's parents, married 59+ years. Is there actually anything cuter?

My neighbor & pseudo-grandparent growing up, George. His wife, Patty, wasn't able to come to the luncheon, but I was more than happy to be his date for the afternoon.

Both of my grandparents (Dad's parents on the left + Mom's parents on the right)


Almost every year, my parents host a Valentine's Day luncheon for some of the Sunday School classes at their church. Most are couples who have been married 40-60+ years as well as widows/widowers. My mom was out of town last weekend, so my dad asked if I could help him out this year. Growing up in such a small, tight-knit church, I feel like so many of these people are my second parents/grandparents, so I was super excited to love on these people and help make the day as special as possible.

I put myself in charge of decorations, naturally, and left no wall untouched :) I designed, printed, and assembled three-sided table tents; Zach punched out white heart-shaped confetti (bless him); and we made the heart-shaped paper chains together.

I also designed cute little conversation hearts to use as photo booth props, which were a big hit. My goal for the day was to get every couple who went for the "Let's Kiss" heart to kiss – and I'm happy to report that I was 100% successful, even if my camera wasn't quick enough to capture all of them :)

After the luncheon, my dad had a few events planned – such as a version of "The Newlywed Game" and trying to match couples up with their anniversary dates. I think the biggest hit was trying to guess couples based on their wedding photos. We covered the pictures up with hearts (see below) and would slowly remove them one at a time until just a couple of the hearts were left on the photo. After we had cycled through all of the couples, we went back and removed the hearts completely to reveal the answer.

Speaking of both of my grandparents, I had my heart set on getting this picture: me and Zach with all four of my grandparents! There are over 111 years of marriage in this photo... and Zach and I only contribute two of them! I know this is a picture I will cherish forever.

And, of course, a Valentine's photo booth session with my Valentine! We had the greatest time spending the day with so many wonderful people who have taught us so much about love over the years – definitely one of the best Valentine's Days ever!