Scenes from a Snow Day | 2015

I was beginning to wonder if we'd get an actual snow day this year. Snow days are pretty hit or miss here in central North Carolina (mostly miss), and when we hadn't received much of anything by the middle of February, I figured winter 2014/2015 had come and gone without much of a show.

Lady Winter did bring us a bit of a tease the week after Valentine's Day, but not enough to cover much of anything (although still enough for the Old North State to completely lose her mind).

Then finally (FINALLY), at the very end of February, we got our one actual snow day of the year. I was super stoked to wake up to this winter wonderland:

It's our first winter living here, so it was especially crazy (and magical) to see our backyard completely covered in white!

So many nature scene pictures, but it really only happens once a year, if that.

Safe to say that Zach got to enjoy the snow a little more than I did (grown-up working world, womp womp), but I loved coming home to a husband who couldn't have possibly been more excited to show off his sledding and snowman-building skills.

Seeing as the high tomorrow is in the mid-70s, I think it's safe to say this will be the only snow day post for the year ;) It's fine by me, though – as much as I love a winter wonderland, I love sunshine and warmth 1000x more!

'Til next year...

ps: Last year's snow day post can be found here.