Currently // March

CURRENTLY // MARCH • 03.27.15

Sneaking in a currently post before March is over...


APPRECIATING everyone who worked so hard to make me feel loved a couple of weekends ago when I filled in (at the last minute) on the leadership team at a Christian retreat at Camp Bethel. I'll definitely be sharing more in a future post!

ENJOYING the extra daylight. I love sleep (possibly more than the average human), but I'd gladly give up an hour every weekend if it meant more sunlight in the evenings. I recently came across the quote "daylight is my love language" and, well, what more needs to be said? Amen.

FEELING extra happy after getting to have dinner last night with one of my dearest friends from college who went a little out of her way to make a stop in Winston-Salem while passing through the state.

GAWKING over this reusable notebook. Sure, I can wrap my mind around a notebook being smart enough to back up handwritten pages on the Cloud (although, really?), but being able to stick a notebook in the microwave for 30 seconds and watch the ink on all 100 pages disappear? I can't even.

PLANNING to break out the acrylics this weekend for the first time in quite a while. Look out, world.

SEEING my name in print on the newsstands at Barnes & Noble for the first time :) I've seen the magazine that I work for on newsstands at multiple other locations across the state (Target, grocery stores, drug stores, etc.), but Barnes & Noble holds a special place in my heart, and I recently realized that I was eight issues into this publication and had yet to track down a copy at my favorite bookstore. Pretty sure my teenage bucket list is now complete.

TAPPING into my inner nerd with some Sporcle quizzes lately (countries of the world, anyone?), but Zach and I both got into this HIMYM + Friends character quiz. I'll be there for wait-for-it you...

VISITING my youngest sister in Boone. Zach was out of town as an advisor at a youth conference last weekend, so my mom, my other sister, and I enjoyed a girls' day in the North Carolina mountains.

WATCHING all the basketball! Cheer extra for my Blue Devils tonight, okay? ;)


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