Yeah, it's painfully embarrassing. But no 21st birthday blog post for the one and only Kacey Carlyle would be complete without this blast from the past:

(Kacey's 16th birthday party - Nov. 2005)

We were probably the coolest 16 year olds ever...

My dearest Kacey, I would not be where I am today without you. Thank you for loving me when I'm incredibly difficult, encouraging me when I need it the most, and single-handedly being the bestest friend I've ever had. You are prettier than all the butterflies in the world (please tell me you remember that from 9th grade ELP...) and I thank God every day for blessing my life with a friend like you! I can't wait to celebrate this birthday & many, many more with you. Happy 21st Birthday, Lugum!

(my 16th birthday party - Oct. 2005)