Deployment: Week 7

Wanna see what absolutely melted my little heart this weekend?

As much as I don't particularly like Zach leaving the FOB and flying in a helicopter all over Afghanistan these days, the place where he was at this weekend has Wi-Fi, so... he was able to send pictures for the first time during this deployment via his iPod! Seriously, technology blows my mind sometimes.

Anyway, I was beyond ecstatic when I opened up my phone to find this precious face that I haven't seen in almost two months smiling back at me :) Especially since this past week was pretty stressful & exhausting, and I had really started missing him for the first time since he left. God is so faithful!

What better way to kick of my 4th of July than with a couple of cell phone pics of a super handsome Marine? How about a 2+ hour Afghanistan phone call! Um, hello! So worth not being able to talk for the past week. God bless America :)

And yes, I will be rocking these stunna shades all day long at camp :)

PS: if you happen to be feeling ultra-patriotic today, you could always check out the "Deployment" tab & leave Zach a comment on the blog or write him a letter :) Just sayin'...