Design Projects: Archives

I was recently updating my portfolio and rediscovered some of my college design projects. While there were definitely a few pieces in my portfolio that made me realize how much I've developed through the years as an artist, there were also some pieces that made me think, "Wow! I made that?!" I had forgotten just how much I loved some of the projects I did back in the good ol' days :) Here are a few of my favorites:

Typography Book: The Old Silent Pond

This is the first book I ever made in my typography/book art class, and I'm definitely more impressed with it now than I was then. It's so cool! Learn how I made it and see more pictures here.

Typography Book: He Says, She Says

This book was my final project in my typography/book art class... and it doubled as my parents' anniversary gift! I interviewed both of them separately about how they met, their first date, their first kiss, their wedding, etc., and turned their answers into a pop-up/cut-out book. All of the text is directly taken from their interviews (mom's on the left & dad's on the right). Learn how I made it and see more pictures here.

Typography Prints: Alphabet & Self-Portrait

Sensing a theme where all of my favorite projects are typography-related? (It's no wonder I ended up creating a series of typography posters for my Senior Capstone Project & Exhibition!) See more of the alphabet/self-portrait project and the art studio here.

It's so crazy to think that all of these were from 2010! In some ways, pulling all-nighters at the art and design studio seems like forever ago; in other ways, it feels like just yesterday. Isn't that how life seems to work?

I don't have the chance to do a lot of typography-related art projects in my current job, but no worries... I've been putting my skills to use this summer designing lots of typography cards to send to my summer camp friends (and former elementary campers who are now on staff... and former Tenderfoot campers who are now Jr. High campers...womp!) I'll share more of those this weekend :)