Currently // September

AVOIDING eating with most people these days, because the only reason a thin person would eat less than fifty pounds of food per meal is because they're anorexic (right?). Let's all publicly call out thin girls on their inability to consume 5000 calories in one sitting.

Note: I really want to write more about this, but what's more irritating than a thin girl getting all "The Struggles of Skinny Life" over here?

CELEBRATING the return of How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, and Parenthood next week. Three season premiers in four days? It's gonna be legen—wait for it—dary ;)

EATING fried pickles from Sheetz. Yeah, Sheetz... as in the gas station. I felt like I needed to come clean with that, but I don't feel the least bit of shame. Feel free to judge, though. It's very judge-worthy.

FEELING pretty invincible after finally finding a way to get my desk from my second-floor childhood bedroom into our third-floor apartment. It fits perfectly in our little "man alcove" of the living room!

PLANNING to share more about our wedding on the blog while still in the acceptable newlywed/one-year time frame. (That is still acceptable, right? 'Cause goodness knows there wasn't a chance of me having everything together within the first month or two.) I have lots to share!

RENEWING our apartment lease, reluctantly. Don't get me wrong: we love our apartment! We just wish our apartment were ~100 miles west. But in order for that to happen, I'd need a job ~100 miles west... and I haven't had a bit of luck making that happen during the past four months. Bummer.

TAKING ballet classes on a whim. Have I ever taken a ballet class before? Nope. But I've got ten years' worth of training as a gymnast going for me, and I can now coupé and rond de jambe and sous sus with the best of them. I cannot, however, get my hair to do anything that resembles a pretty little bun.

THINKING about how crazy it is that anyone under the age of 24 (myself included) has now spent the majority of their life in the post-9/11 world. Try to wrap your mind around that. The War in Afghanistan has been going on now for the majority of my life. Ridiculous.

TRYING not to hit NC State students with my car on my way home from work every night, but it'd be cool if we all tried this new thing called "looking up from your phone before stepping out to cross the road."

VISITING my sister in the hospital most weekends. She spent six days in the hospital in mid-August, was released for a week, and has been back in the hospital since August 30. In total, today is Day #24 of her hospital adventures with severe ulcerative colitis, and we're really hoping for things to turn around soon!

WALKING around Lake Johnson multiple nights a week with Zach. I got really ambitious one night last week and jogged a third of a mile. Yeah, that's right—I jogged. Bonus: I didn't want to kill anyone when I finished, which means it's probably one of the most successful things I've ever done.

WRITING blog posts in my head, but not actually taking the time to write them on the blog. Oops. I'd like to say that I'll do better, but apart from getting married, I'm not exactly the commitment type. We'll see.