Bits of Christmas 2014

The new year has come, the decorations are all packed away, and our first ever taller-than-twelve-inches tree has found a nice place to nap in the woods. However, I still wanted to share some photos from our apartment all decked out for Christmas. It's not too late, right? This was our first Christmas in this space and I so enjoyed getting to make things festive and cozy for the holidays.

Christmas 2014: the year that we broke our "no glitter in the house, ever" rule when buying the ribbon to wrap around the Christmas tree. Also the year we remembered why we came up with said rule. (It won't happen again.)

Christmas 2014: the year I made gifts for my co-workers by slicing up (recycled!) magazine covers from our Christmas issue and turning them into ornaments.

... and the year I gave myself a "home. for the holidays" ornament from the Our State store :)

Christmas 2014: the year I decided the whole "making a twinkly light + fabric garland while watching Christmas movies" would become a yearly tradition.

I draped the one from last year over the half-wall behind our couch, and I intertwined this year's with some greenery garland and draped it near the ceiling above our television + Christmas tree.

Christmas 2014: the year I rotated nonstop between the She & Him Christmas album and the Vince Guaraldi – A Charlie Brown Christmas album. (That's actually no different than the last three Christmases... but this year, I had them both on vinyl!)

Christmas 2014: the year we hung some mistletoe above a doorway and my grandparents totally kissed under it. The year we had the Netflix crackling fireplace streaming on our television. The year we left all the twinkly lights on and had a campout in the living room. The year Zach managed to keep all of his gift purchases a secret.

But mostly... the year we were together and happy and home. I hope your season has been filled with just as much love!


Christmas 2013 in our Cary apartment here.
Christmas 2012 in my Cary apartment here.
Christmas 2011 in my senior year dorm room here.
Christmas 2010 in my junior year dorm room here.