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As I was packing my room up to move back to Durham one last time, I came across an article clipped out of the Chronicle, my high school newspaper back in the day (coincidentally enough, also my college newspaper...). At my high school, the AP Literature class was also responsible for the monthly newspaper issues, hence how my best friends and I ended up on the Chronicle staff. We wrote articles about current school events, athletic performances, and everyone's favorite: the senior features.

Since I attended such a small school, every senior had a write-up in one issue of the Chronicle during the school year, basically giving a short biography of their time at Calvary and their future plans upon graduation. My article was written by none other than Kacey, and I grinned as I began to read it for the first time since high school. (I don't know where it's been hiding all these years!)

In August 2004, Beth Haynes made her way through the doors of Calvary High School. Having come from a graduating eighth-grade class of only seven other students at Center Grove, the double-digit student count of the freshman class was a little overwhelming. Nonetheless, she adjusted quickly, and it wasn't long until everyone came to love our eco-friendly Lady Crazie.

After having conquered every math available at Calvary and downing a few too many school lunches, Beth's excitement over her post-graduation plans is uncontainable. When her long-kept countdown until May 30 finally ends, Beth will begin a new one for the day she moves to Durham to attend her dearly loved Duke University. There, this promising artist will study graphic design and carry on her friendly rivalry with her former classmates attending Carolina. When her college plans were brought up, Beth heartily declared, "I've wanted to go to Duke more than anything in my whole life. I'm so excited to head off to Krzyzewskiville!" Let's hope they are ready for her.

In her spare time, Beth enjoys wishing she had spare time. When school is out for the day, Beth can be found at dance class, playing a myriad of roles in Worth the Wait performances, babysitting, hanging out with the Brethren at youth or choir, debating on which teachers really meant for her to complete their assignments, or faithfully watching college basketball. In Joseph Thomasson's opinion, "Beth can typically be found at Golden Corral or in the parking lot of Taco Bell looking for scraps." If you have looked all around and still can't find her, your next best bet is to go north. According to Cameron Swift, Beth can either be found "at Krispy Kreme or in Virginia with her non-Calvary lovers." In Virginia, aka "the best place on earth," she has collected a second family of amazing friends. She hits the road every now and again and spends her weekend jumping off bridges, exploring caves, and doing whatever else Virginians do.

Beth's fanbase back at Calvary would like to take this opportunity to say a few words. Tucker Stevens reflects, "When she goes out to get the mail, it registers on the Richter Scale." Long-time bud and Carolina rival William Michael says that "Beth is a delight to have at Calvary, even though she might be polluting her mind by going to Duke." Amy Farrington sums it up by saying, "Beth is perfect."

Beth has definitely added flavor to the Calvary experience. No one in the history of the school has wielded a Sharpie quite so elegantly over poster board or produced such high-decibel screams at sporting events. One thing is for sure: wherever we go, no one will ever complain again without looking over their shoulder, expecting soon to hear Beth's taunting sarcasm: "My life is SOOO hard!"

Hello, blast from the past :) I think my favorite part of reading this (apart from being reminded of the daily "Beth is fat" jokes that followed me throughout high school...) was realizing that the six people who contributed to the article are the six people that I still keep in touch with and make an effort to see at least once a year (if not once a week)!

[Christmas Break: Tucker, Kacey]
[Movies: William, Kacey]
[Ice Skating: Kacey, Cameron, William, Tucker]
[Domo & Froyo: Joseph, Kacey, William]

And in keeping with the "blast from the past" theme, here are some winner photographs taken during our junior & senior years of high school:

I'm so blessed with old friends and the opportunity for the majority of us to live in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area for at least one more year! Can't wait to catch up :)