Baby Blog is Growing Up

Guess what?

My baby blog is turning one year old! How crazy is that?

It's come a longgg way in the past year:

When I started blogging, I initially didn't share the link with anyone. After a couple of weeks, I told my two closest friends from high school... just as an easy way for us to stay in touch when the demands of college life inhibited us from getting together as often as we would like. Eventually, I told some people from camp...but that was all.

When a few more people found out about my baby blog, I freaked out. I never intended for it to go beyond my close circle of friends. In fact, I think I changed the url for a few days so nobody could find it. I've always been an incredibly private person---I keep to myself and don't like putting myself in situations where I can be easily criticized or judged. Blogging doesn't exactly follow that mentality.

But people liked it!

Everyone was so supportive and encouraging, and before I knew it, I had hundreds of comments and tens of thousands of views. I had followers---many of whom I've never met. I had visitors from every state in the US, and from dozens of countries throughout the world.


Blogging is a rather insane concept, actually, but I've quite enjoyed being the author/designer behind Simply B for the past year. I've made new friends and grown even closer with others. I've discovered talents that I didn't know I had. I've gained more self-confidence and don't worry as much about what others think. I've been more intentional about enjoying the little things in life and capturing beauty in every day things.

And to think that I never had any intention of writing a blog for real.

I love reading your comments and hearing your stories. I love the satisfaction of clicking "publish post" after spending a while editing pictures and compiling a draft. I love being able to share things that make others think or smile or feel encouraged.

And I love that my baby blog turns one year old this week.

To celebrate (yes, we're celebrating blog birthdays. The blog freak flag is waving high today), I've compiled a walk down memory lane: a series of posts from the past twelve months. From such humble beginnings with early morning cell phone calls... to graphic design projects, Duke University art studios, Marine Corps deployments, sushi nights with friends, summer camp memories, and my insanely sweet boyfriend... I've loved sharing a little slice of my world over the past year with each and every one of you.

Feel free to look around and reminisce along with me, and if you're feeling particularly festive, I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts about Simply B in the comments below. What do YOU like about my not-so-baby blog? What has been your favorite post from the past year? What would you like to see featured on Simply B in the future? Comment away about whatever your heart desires, because as Kelle Hampton says, "I am shamelessly in love with the sweet little words of readers like you."

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Thank for all the love and encouragement you've shown my baby blog since day one, and thank you for stopping by to celebrate with us :)