Birthday Weekend

It's my birthday weekenddd!

I suppose that technically makes this past week my "birthday week." And while a portion of my birthday week was dominated by midterm exams and papers and life without a computer charger (yuckkk!), the rest consisted of early birthday presents, sushi picnics on the quad, meeting up with high school friends, coffee dates, small group dinner (at the Q Shack, woot!), sleepovers, and (drumroll, please...) my official karaoke debut. If you hadn't heard by now, I'm basically the new lead singer for Lady Antebellum---no big deal. See you later, Hillary Scott.

Although you're undoubtedly dying to hear more after that little teaser, I figured I'd save the birthday week/weekend recap for next week (my birthday isn't actually until Sunday, you know---there's still lots more to come!) and instead, reflect on the glorious 21st year of my life.

While I was 21, I...

My year of being 21 had more than its fair share of rough patches along the way, but it ended on a great note which will hopefully continue on into an even greater year of being 22. It's looking promising already: the end of deployment & Zach's return from Afghanistan, MY COLLEGE GRADUATION (praise Jesus, seriously!), hopefully getting a big girl job/apartment/all of the thrilling expenses that accompanying growing up -- big things ahead.

Thanks for the memories, 21. I'm moving on :)
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